Use circuit classes to enhance participation in your favourite sport


Make weight training a regular part of your week


Welcome to Ruthless Fitness

Choose a fitness session that works for you with Vancouver’s finest Personal Trainer, Ruth Johnson. At Ruthless Fitness we are flexible, offering individual training and group workouts. Sign up now for your first free training session.

  • Personal Training

    Personal training offers the benefits of customizing your workouts to suit your personal needs. Whether in the comfort of your home or in a private gym train at your own level and pace.

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  • Group Circuit Training or Corporate Training

    Join our friendly group workout classes at a fully equiped private gym. Our 75 minute classes incorporate a full body workout utilizing free weights, BOSU, TRX, medicine balls, dynabands, Swiss balls, balance boards etc.
    Or get a your co-workers/friends together and start your own, private group workout at your preferred location.

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  • Upcoming Classes

  • Spin Class

    This non-intimitating spin class is held at a private spinning studio. It is a 55 minute workout for beginners or elite athlete, a high energy class that will make you sweat to fun beats while improving your fitness levels.

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